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Landlord Advisory Board Registration


Dothan Housing is hosting a Virtual Focus Group Meeting for the Moving to Work (MTW) Landlord Incentives Cohort #4 Plan and Application Package. 

Research shows that using input from landlords participating in the HCVP increased recruitment and retention.

Why Attend this Virtual Meeting?

  • Give input on our Landlord Incentives: 
  1. Signing Bonus
  2. Damage Payments 
  3. Security Deposit
  4. Vacancy Payments
  • Give input on landlord orientations and quarterly landlord education workshop topics.
  • Give input on how to remove the bureaucracy and red tape of the HCVP for landlords.
  • Give input on how to streamline operations of the HCVP through technology.

Registration Information: 

Meeting ID:  TBA

Passcode:   TBA

For More Questions: