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Dr. Michael C. Threatt invited to join Business Journal Leadership Trust

Dr. Michael C. Threatt Headshot with Birmingham Business Journal Logo


Dr. Michael C. Threatt invited to join Business Journal Leadership Trust

Business Journals Leadership Trust is an Invitation-Only Community for Top Business Decision Makers



Dothan, AL (December 28, 2021) - Dr. Michael C. Threatt, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dothan Housing, has been invited to join Business Journals Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs throughout the nation.


Dr. Threatt was chosen for membership by the Business Journals Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to his experience, leadership, and influence in the affordable housing industry and beyond. Dr. Threatt is Dr. Michael C. Threatt is the Senior Vice President/COO at Dothan Housing. As Senior Vice President/COO, Dr. Threatt is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Dothan Housing. This includes streamlining affordable housing programs through technology and the analysis of intelligence data to support the long-term sustainability of the agency.


"Leaders like Dr. Threatt power our thriving business community," said Joel Welker, market president and publisher of the Birmingham Business Journal. "We're honored to be creating a space where our state's and region's business influencers come together to increase their impact on the community, build their businesses and connect with and strengthen one another."


As an invited member, Dr. Threatt will contribute articles to the Business Journals Leadership Trust website and participate alongside fellow members in Expert Panels. He will connect and collaborate with a vetted network of local and national leaders in a members-only directory and a private forum on the group's mobile app.

Dr. Threatt will also benefit from leadership and business coaching, an Executive Profile on the Business Journals Leadership Trust website, select partner discounts, services, and ongoing support from the community's concierge team.


"I am elated to be joining a community that brings together the brightest, most inspirational minds in business with an array of unique opportunities to grow our agency. Access to this elite business community offers valuable insight along with increased visibility, connections, and growth for Dothan Housing. After converting our properties to the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program and closing our public housing program to become a voucher-only agency, we implemented our C-Suite corporate business model. We have embraced our social entrepreneurial efforts to own and manage diverse properties like the private sector. The Business Journals Leadership Trust will allow me to illustrate how we can effectively utilize the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funding for mixed-income, mixed-finance, and mixed-use real estate development opportunities. Additionally, the Business Journals Leadership Trust will enhance our efforts to recruit, attract, and retain a talented and diverse workforce comprised of the best and brightest in the affordable housing industry. As Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), I will use this platform to provide landlords and investors with real estate tips to increase their cash flow, maximize their profits and return on investment. Finally, my participation will help Dothan Housing further cement its leadership role in the affordable housing industry and showcase the community economic development activity in the Dothan-Wiregrass metro area," said Dr. Threatt.


The Business Journals Leadership Trust team is honored to welcome Dr. Threatt to the community and looks forward to helping him elevate his brand, strengthen his circle of trusted advisors, and position him to impact the business community and further.


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