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Scholarship Alert: Alabama Affordable Housing Association Scholarship

scholarship alert flyer with a book shelf as the background encouraging students in high school and college to apply.


The goal of the AAHA Scholarship Fund, Inc. is to promote the improved quality of life of its residents by increasing their educational opportunities. The Fund believes that an increased educational level leads to greater self-sufficiency and improved employment opportunities. Through the continued support of our members, our goal is to grow and offer more scholarships in the future and encourage more long-term honorary/memorial donations.


Applicants for AAHA Scholarships must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a minimum of a "B" average in high school or college.
  • Expect to graduate in the Spring of the scholarship year from High School or have already graduated from High School
  • Must be accepted at vocational school, college, or university if not already enrolled.
  • Cannot already have a degree.
  • Must be listed as a resident on the current tenant certification at a member complex and have lived at that complex for at least six months. The only exception would be a property that is less than six month old.


If you are interested in applying please visit, .