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An Organization Committed to Community Wellness: DH Receives the COVID-19 Grant


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An Organization Committed to Community Wellness


Dothan Housing: The Only PHA in the State of Alabama to Receive the COVID-19 Grant


February 17, 2022--- Dothan Housing received a notable grant from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) towards efforts to assist in COVID-19 prevention. DH was humbled to realize that it was the only Public Housing Authority (PHA) within the state to receive the grant. Committed to best practices and providing quality service to the residents of each Dothan Housing community, DH looks forward to utilizing the grant funding to further assist those the PHA serves.


According to the ADPH, the purpose of this funding is for coronavirus vaccine activities to support broad-based distribution access and vaccine coverage for high-risk and underserved populations including racial and ethnic minority populations and rural communities. It is intended to support continuous monitoring and examine opportunities to improve performance and implementation of activities, engaging in additional partnerships, and implementing and evaluating new strategies to reach affected populations (such as those who may be vaccine-hesitant, those who are in racial and ethnic or other minority groups, etc. proposal for funding in one of the following ways).


Dothan Housing thanks the staff and all partners for continuing to aid in community relief efforts as the country moves forward through the pandemic. To read about the grant stipulations and other recipients click here. For more information on our efforts to assist the community in COVID-19 relief, please contact Leah McKay, Communications Coordinator, via email at


Press release for ADPH Grant