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CEO and President Samuel P. Crawford Selects Stacy Parris as VP of Employee & Customer Experience

Attracting the Best and Brightest of Public Housing


Dothan Housing's CEO and President Samuel P. Crawford Selects Stacy Parris as VP of Employee & Customer Experience


March 08, 2022---  Dothan Housing is excited to welcome Stacy Parris as the new VP of Employee Customer Experience. As a 20-year housing professional, Ms. Parris has served in previous roles such as HCV Program Coordinator, Relocation Coordinator, Multi-Family Property Manager, Senior Property Manager, and Tax Credit Property Manager. Her diligence has allowed her to accumulate multiple degrees, including Criminal Justice and Emergency Management.


"My vision for the role of VP of Employee and Customer Experience is to provide an inclusive atmosphere both internally and externally. I am determined to be an advocate for justice, to show compassion, build trust, and to foster authentic relationships with those that are a part of our agency and those within our communities," says Ms. Parris.

The experienced professional proudly maintains certifications in Public Housing Management, Public Housing Specialist, Public Housing Executive Management, Ethics for Specialist, Tax Credit Specialist, RAD-PBV Specialist, Multifamily Housing Specialist, HCV Specialist, HCV HQS Specialist, HCV Financial Management Specialist, Managing PBV Certified, Public Housing Occupancy Certified, Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodation Certified, and HCV Program Management Certified. The new VP of Employee and Customer Experience is a clear result of the Attract Recruit and Retain initiative installed by Dothan Housing leadership.

Dothan Housing is proud to bring Ms. Parris, the wife, mother of 5, Godmother of 2, beloved aunt of many, and public housing professional, into the organization's administrative team. Her presence and development of critical policy and programs for employees, residents, and clients will be significant to the organization. 

For more information on our efforts to Attract, Retain, and Recruit elite professionals, please get in touch with Leah Gunn, Community Relations Manager, via email at 

Press release on letterhead for Stacy Parris, DH VP of Employee Customer Experience