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The Wiregrass Landlord Tour


Landlord Tour Banner with Jordon Bonner and Maurice Weems

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Dothan Housing Prepares for The Wiregrass Landlord Tour


June 28, 2022---The Wiregrass Regional Voucher Program (WRVP) of Dothan Housing (DH) is preparing for The Wiregrass Landlord Tour with Landlord Liaison Jordon Bonner and HQS Inspector Maurice Weems. DH will host a series of landlord information sessions across the Wiregrass area in partnership with local public libraries. This tour is a call to current, former, and potential landlords as well as investors to come and learn how to market your properties, gain certified Ready to Rent tenants, understand the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program landlord application process, and delve into the benefits of partnering with a public housing authority.

Attendance does not require registration and all who have an interest are encouraged to attend. The chosen dates and locations for The Wiregrass Landlord Tour are below. 

  •     July 7, 2022-Enterprise Public Library | 2:30 PM
  •     July 12, 2022-Abbeville Public Library | 10:30 AM
  •     July 19, 2022-Elba Public Library | 2:00 PM
  •     July 21, 2022- McGregor McKinney Public Library | 10:00 AM
  •     July 26, 2022-Mary Berry Brown Public Library |  10:00 AM
  •     July 28, 2022- Blanche R. Solomon Memorial Library | 3:00 PM
  •     September 8, 2022-Houston Love Memorial Library (Westgate) | 10:00 AM
  •     September 22, 2022-Houston Love Memorial Library (Main) | 3:00 PM

All Landlords are eligible for the Signing Bonus, Application Fee Waivers, and Security Deposit Payments when they sign a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract for a New Unit that is leased up allowing a Voucher Holder to move in.  For more information, please contact our Landlord Liaison, Jordon Bonner, by phone at (334) 794-6713, Ext. 138 or by email at 


Landlord Tour with Jordon Bonner and Maurice Weems