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Dothan Housing Safety Alert: Spray Painting Toy Guns


Spray Painting Toy Guns

Dothan Housing Encourages All to Stay Safe and Refrain from Dangerous Trend

June 28, 2022---Dothan Housing Authority's security system captured potentially dangerous activity with toy guns on community property. Several juveniles and young adults have altered toy guns by spray painting them black to appear like real guns and have added flashing lights (appearing as muzzle flashes). The youth involved appear to chase and pretend to shoot at passing vehicles.

We urge residents to please use our DH "See Something, Say Something" policy and utilize after-hours procedures or our anonymous tip link to report suspicious or dangerous activity. Please encourage safe interactions with water guns or airsoft guns and discourage the replication of real firearms. If an individual with a real firearm feels threatened this could lead to injury or senseless gun violence. Together, we can protect our children and our communities.

For more information on community safety, our partnership with Tsunami (state-of-the-art camera system), or information about the "See Something, Say Something" initiative please reach out to Leah Gunn, Community Relations Manager, via email at


Anonymous Tip Link:




 Firearm replication notice with pictured camera footage and a child holding an airsoft gun.