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A Commitment to Safety : The Partnership With Ocean 10 Security Featuring the Tsunami Camera

A Commitment to Safety


The Partnership With Ocean 10 Security Featuring the Tsunami Camera



DOTHAN, AL, -: At Dothan Housing, steps have been taken to increase housing standards and the quality of life for all residents. These steps include but are not limited to establishing the community safety department spearheaded by the Community Safety Manager, Mr. Jason JD Miller. Investing in the position of Community Safety Manager points back to Dothan Housing's human capital strategic plan to attract, recruit, and retain a talented workforce. The organization's four principles (People, Purpose, Practice, and Partnerships) are fully displayed. Establishing best-practices policies relating to Public Safety such as the See Something, Say Something Campaign in conjunction with the Anonymous Tip link accessible to residents so that all feel comfortable and safe reporting a crime.


Dothan Housing is proud to partner with Ocean 10 Security by utilizing their Tsunami Camera technology. This next-level partnership incorporates the state of the art, plug & play security camera surveillance system that can be deployed anywhere in the world and begin working in just minutes! Ocean 10 Security is known within the HUD community and in countries around the globe as an authority on effective surveillance. "The Tsunami cameras will work as deterrence and enhance our community safety initiatives for our developments. We believe that quality of life is essential to neighborhood stability and sustainability. This begins with affordable housing that is healthy, safe, and sustainable. A combination of all these features will allow a neighborhood to thrive. Our goals are to reduce crime, increase mutual trust with our residents, and improve community safety as part of our comprehensive strategic plan to increase resident engagement and spur neighborhood revitalization," said Dr. Michael C. Threatt, Senior VP & COO of Dothan Housing. With clear visuals that offer a 360-degree birds-eye view of the location, the Tsunami camera has already proven to be an effective tool for Dothan Housing and its community safety protocols.


Dothan Housing desires for all citizens, despite occupation and socioeconomic background, deserve to live in safe communities free from fear linked to criminal activity. HUD's Office of Policy Development explores the concrete findings concerning safety in its article titled Housing, Inclusion, and Public Safety. It was observed that 'neighborhoods exposed to crime, subject to criminal activity, witnessing crimes occur, or even fearing criminal activity leads to residents experiencing high-stress levels, impaired judgment, impaired mental and physical health, and impaired work and school performance.' In other words, safety or the lack thereof affects the quality of life for all. 


When investing in the bulletproof creation of Ocean 10 Security's CEO, Stephen Teachout, there was an understanding a return on investment (ROI) would eventually be received. What was unexpected was how fast the ROI would happen. Within days of being installed, the Tsunami camera has already aided in the arrests of several suspects who have committed crimes within the Dothan Housing community. Providing critical and quality footage, when requested, to law enforcement entities has strengthened a growing partnership and encourages collaboration.


Establishing enhanced security protocols and procedures within a housing authority guarantees an opportunity to collect intel and data that offers insight into community crimes and criminal attempts creating a multi-dimensional ROI. "These cameras will give us the ability to help identify and distinguish problem areas, individuals who damage our property and the property of others, disrupt our communities, or bring criminal activity into our communities," said Miller, DH Community Safety Manager. Complete scope statistics incorporating convictions with arrests are challenging for some HUD communities to maintain. Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) must comply with key performance indicators (KPIs) in community safety and security. Component #1 under sub-indictor #5 is listed as Tracking And Reporting Crime Related Problems. Dothan Housing is excited to operate with best practices and actively meet KPIs by tracking this data for its communities and providing a glimpse at advanced security's impact on the city.


Through the partnership with Ocean 10 Security and the use of the Tsunami technology, Dothan Housing can offer its residents something well within their rights as tenants, peace of mind. President CEO of Dothan Housing, Mr. Samuel P. Crawford, comments, "We are now capable of identifying those parties who visit or live in our housing communities and cause disruptions or participate in illegal activities. Due to the latest technological advancements, we can zero in on areas of the property that may be under siege or provide instruction to residents to avoid those areas until all threats are "eliminated." Dothan Housing families deserve and can now spend time outside enjoying their neighbors, walking the housing community, or just relaxing in the green spaces that create a safe quality of life experiences."


For more information about our partnership with Ocean 10 Security, the Tsunami technology, to speak with the Community Safety Manager, or our commitment to the safety and well-being of Dothan Housing communities, please reach out to Leah Gunn, Community Relations Manager, via email at




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