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Dothan Housing Authority 2022 Employee Award Winners


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Dothan Housing Authority 2022 Employee Award Winners

Celebrating the Excellence of a Dedicated Team


Dothan, Ala. --- Dothan Housing (DH) is proud to announce its Employee Award Winners for 2022. Team members from all departments are evaluated based on the year's performance. For the first time, the agency opted to expand its awards and include "team" and "collaboration" areas. The DH Employee Awards are an extension of the agency's employee recognition program. 


  • Rookie of the Year- Justise Black 
  • Rising Star Award- Andrella Allums 
  • Unsung Hero Award- Daniel Delgado & Mysin Harris 
  • Housing Professional of the Year- Maurice Weems 
  • Customer Service Award- Demetra Helms  
  • Transformational Leadership Award- Tamaria Harris 
  • Maintenance Person of the Year- Derek Flowers 
  • Administrative Team Member of the Year - Tamaria Harris 


Although many are self-explanatory, some awards are agency-specific-the L.O.V.E.D. Award refers to the DH system of values. The acronym stands for ListeningOpportunityVersatileEmpowering, and Diversity. The award recipient is the employee who most exemplifies the agency's values daily. 


  • L.O.V.E.D Award -Steven Smith  


Best Collaboration Award references two or more departments that worked strategically on project implementation. These projects are critical to the agency's overall success and the advancement of families served. This year's recipients represent the department of Finance & Administration and Affordable Housing & Compliance! The collaboration brought the agency "current" in terms of digital application by converting the agency's monetary transactions with landlords to Direct Deposit and providing Debit Cards to tenants to complete utility payments. 



  • Best Collaboration Award Recipients

o Chantrice James  

o Dr. Tamara Berry-Andrews  

o Mysin Harris  

o Wendy Deatherage  

o Jordon Bonner  

o Andrella Allums  

o LaDonice Freeney 

o Demetra Helms 


The newly added, Chasing Better Award and Chasing Better Team Awards are awarded to the individual and team who assist daily while actively seeking to move the organization forward in its Mission by aligning and meeting DH's strategic plan's goals. This year the agency selected employees that specifically serve department heads as their special or administrative assistants. The team award was given to the agency's Maintenance Division for their outstanding level of service!

  • Chasing Better Award Recipients 

o Challis Readus 

o Tanya Embry 

o LaDonice Freeney 

o Wendy Deatherage 

o Patience Reynolds Crittenden 


  • Chasing Better Team Award - Maintenance Division 

o John Fondren 

o Derek Flowers 

o Hasten Wiggins 

o Johnny Hill 

o Annie Doris Thomas 

o Steven Smith 

o David Smith 

o Lounorris Godwin 

o Michael Walker 

o James Curry 


The agency is proud to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the many Wiregrass families participating in affordable housing programs. For more information, contact Community Relations Manager Leah Gunn via email at