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NSPIRE Training 2023


Dothan Management Group Tackles NSPIRE Training

Accomplishing Goals Outlined Our Strategic Plan FY 2022-2024 

Dothan Ala.---Great job, team! Dothan Management Group, an affiliate of Dothan Housing (DH), started May 2023 out strong by diving into a two-day NSPIRE Training course. The Asset Management team and Maintenance Personnel both delved into in-depth, hands-on training to exceed industry standards in the future, save money, and maximize resources. 

NSPIRE is a method for conducting and processing inspections of HUD-assisted housing developed by HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC). NSPIRE aims to improve confidence in HUD's ability to keep properties in compliance by accurately assessing the condition of a unit, implementing streamlined inspection processes, and prioritizing the health and safety of residents.

As listed in the agency's strategic plan for FY 2022-2024, entitled Purpose 2025, Training is listed as one of the primary goals. DH and its affiliates are proud to continue high educational investment standards and provide top-quality Training for staff and the DH Board of Commissioners. 

For more information on our efforts, please email Communications Coordinator Leah Gunn at