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Alabama Department of Public Health Renews the Agency's COVID-19 Grant Award

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Dothan Housing's Grant Award Renewed for 2023

Alabama Department of Public Health Renews the Agency's COVID-19 Grant Award


July 11, 2023--- The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has elected to renew Dothan Housing's (DH's) grant award towards efforts to assist in vaccine education, health and wellness activities, and viral disease prevention. The renewal is attributed to DH's compliance with grant rules, reporting procedures, and a review of the verified community impact made.


"We are happy to have our efforts recognized by ADPH in a way that will allow our agency to promote health and wellness amongst our residents, clients, and the community," says Tera Wells, DH Grant Writer. 


When awarded initially, the agency was humbled to realize that it was the only Public Housing Authority (PHA) within the state to receive the grant. Committed to enhancing best practices and providing quality service to residents and clients, DH looks forward to utilizing the grant funding to assist further those the PHA serves. 


"We understand that housing is a platform for wraparound services. Therefore, our resolve is to continue to bridge the gap between health and housing. To live up to our "Why" requires us to change the narrative in which we intentionally embrace the importance of personal health, preventative medicine, and mental health awareness throughout our PHA. We are humbled to receive our fourth $100,000.00 COVID-19 grant from the ADPH," states Dr. Michael C. Threatt, COO of Dothan Housing.  


Around DH, you will find various forms of disease and virus prevention signage and material, from hand sanitizer to touchless faucets. Our agency is proud to join other major corporations and entities in incorporating these preventative measures, as well as installing a variety of wellness initiatives, including activities for children that include health and fitness components.


For more information on our efforts to promote wellness within our community, please get in touch with Leah Gunn, Communications Coordinator, via email at