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Dothan Fire Department install Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Dothan Housing is honored to partner with Dothan Fire Department to enhance residential fire safety in affordable housing apartments.

Dothan Fire Department was awarded $10,000 in the form of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) that allowed the purchase and installation of StoveTop FireStops in 328 affordable apartments. 

Dothan Housing's Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Mr. Samuel P. Crawford, Chief Operating Officer(COO), Dr. Michael C. Threatt, and Vice President of Asset Management, Ms. Elaine Machado gave a brief introduction while sharing their appreciation for the Dothan Fire Department and the City of Dothan for this initiative involving affordable housing.

Battalion Chief David Hasty discussed how quick and fast the StoveTop reacts once ignited by flames. The StoveTop FireStop works by automatically deploying when the flames from a cooking fire make contact with the fuse on the underside of the canister. Its dry powder doesn't cause flood damage like sprinklers, meaning less damage to property. This is intended to allow first responders more time to respond to fires and significantly reduce the chance of injury to residents. 


Dr. Michael Threatt, Chief Operating Officer speaks with Dothan Fire Department Dothan Fire Department grouped together for a picture Dothan Fire Department and Dothan Housing Maintenance preparing to enter apartment
Dothan Fire Department dicussing installation plan in a group while listing to Chief David Hasty Director Samuel P. Crawford stand with Fire Department and Dothan Housing Staff Dothan Fire Department installing a FireStop Extinguisher