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Health and Wellness Seminar: Health for the Holidays

Health and Wellness Seminar Series

ACOM Presents Health for the Holidays


NOVEMBER 18, 2021--Dothan Housing partnered with ACOM for the scheduled Health and Wellness Seminar, Health for the Holidays. ACOM students developed an informative presentation for the public to be shared virtually.

The continued partnership between ACOM and Dothan Housing is a proven benefit to our community. Being apart of a public housing community should not make information, or the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, any less attainable. Partnerships such as this bridge the gap and dispel existing barriers.

Did you miss the LIVE ZOOM presentation on Health for the Holidays? Click the link below to view, and don't forget to fill out the brief survey. ACOM and Dothan Housing are committed to providing quality educational information to all! 

Health and Wellness Seminar: Health for the Holidays

ACOM Post-Presentation Survey


Health for the Holidays flyer with the date, time, and location included.