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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) FAQs

What is RAD? 

RAD stands for the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program. RAD is a HUD Program that allows public housing authorities to convert public housing into a form of Section 8 (either Project Based Vouchers or Project Based Rental Assistance).

What will my rent be? 

Generally, rent will be the same in RAD as it was under public housing - no more than 30% of your household's adjusted gross income. However, tenants that pay flat rents could see a slight increase in rent once the 30% of the household's gross income is calculated. To lessen the impact on rent increases, Dothan Housing plans to work with resident to establish those rental increases in phases.

Will I have to move? 

RAD provides numerous rules that protect tenant rights. While tenants may have to temporarily move so that certain repairs/construction can happen, once those repairs/construction are completed, all tenants not in eviction have the right to return to the converting project (not necessarily the same unit). Don't forget that if you must temporarily move, Dothan Housing will be providing assistance and covering certain eligible costs. No one should move unless they have been specifically notified by Dothan Housing.

Will I be eligible for the new program?

All tenants not in eviction and eligible for the public housing program are eligible for RAD.

Why RAD? 

RAD provides a more stable funding source for the continued operation of Affordable Housing and also allows access to non-federal money that can be utilized to update, repair and build housing. HUD recognizes that it is unable to provide the funding necessary to make the needed repairs to public housing. RAD provides an opportunity to bring in other money to accomplish this. This allows the housing authority to improve housing and preserve the opportunity for Affordable Housing into the future.

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