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MTW Landlord Incentives Cohort News






An 80-Year Journey Marked by Achievement:
HUD has selected Dothan Housing to
Join the Landlord Incentives Moving To Work (MTW) Cohort

In January 2022, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the Landlord Incentives cohort for the Moving To Work (MTW) Demonstration Expansion. Through evaluation of the Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) involved with this cohort, HUD will be able to determine the overall impact of landlord incentives and their impact on HUD's Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as Section 8). 

"As Moving to Work marks 25 years, we are pleased to announce the latest cohort of local housing authorities that will join this program to test new housing strategies," said HUD Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman. "These agencies have put forth impressive plans to support further housing choices for people in their communities, including innovative ways to engage landlords, who are critical partners in delivering HUD's rental assistance program."

Click here to see what the executive staff and DH Board Chairman had to say as Dothan Housing works to become the Housing Authority of the future! 


MTW Perks: 

Landlord Incentives: 

Damage and Vacancy payments coming soon! 

Landlord Advisory Committee:

Being part of the Landlord Incentive Cohort we have been provided the opportunity to display innovative thinking and demonstrate the capacity to initiate effective change that impacts our community, the nation, and public policy.  Landlords, we want your perspective on the HCV program, join our Landlord Advisory Committee.  

Our Landlord Committee will meet quarterly in person and virtually and will create a landlord manual for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Landlord Manual will be used as a mechanism for current and prospective landlords as a go-to guide.

The Landlord Committee will also discuss the policies of the agency and how the WRVP can improve and streamline our operations to increase landlord satisfaction and engagement. 


If interested contact Landlord Liaison, Jordon Bonner at 334-794-6713 or email